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Commercial Sheet Vinyl
NEW Commercial Vinyl from IVC

BluePrint is the newest Heterogeneous sheet vinyl created for the mainstream commercial market. It meets the needs of virtually any commercial application, and is especially recommended for healthcare, corporate, retail, multi-family housing, and hospitality.

BluePrint comes in 22 colors including classic wood designs, sophisticated stone/tile designs, and textured looks in granite and stained concrete designs. CDI is stocking the product for immediate delivery.

One of the biggest advantages of BluePrint over the competition is that seams are reduced because of the 13'2" width.

The BluePrint collection features a highly resilient fiberglass core, 100% dimensional stability, and added flexibility, making it easy to install. The advanced urethane wear layer provides stain resistance and resistance to growth of bacteria and mildew. It does NOT require polish maintenance, which reduces cleaning costs.

Contact your CDI rep for samples of this exciting product!

OR visit www.ivcgroup.us for more information.

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