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Proudly serving Iowa and Nebraska since 1956 .
Most major Roppe products lines are available at a Single Price Point. So opt for any color. It’s one price for all colors within those products lines. What could be simpler?
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You can even download their newest catalog.
Vinyl and Rubber Cove Base, Mouldings, etc . . . from
Besides vinyl & rubber cove base, Roppe offers a full line of vinyl & rubber mouldings, vinyl & rubber stair treads and risers, rubber tile, vinyl tile, Static Control vinyl flooring, fitness flooring, spike resistant tile, adhesives, and Quik-Stik Adhesive Tape.
CDI stocks 35 colors in 4" x 4' x 1/8" vinyl cove base, 4 colors of 2 ½" vinyl base, and 8 colors of 6" vinyl base.
CDI's Non-Stocking colors are available only in full cartons as a special order from Roppe. (This may mean additional handling fees and shipping charges.)
Roppe's updated color palette for Rubber Tile, Tread and TS, TP and TV wall base includes forecasted colors as well as the most popular hues being used in design today.
SafeTcork® Vinyl Tile and the Fiesta® Rubber Tile and Tread lines have also been refreshed to coordinate with the new palette of colors. Visuellé® and Accessory lines are now available in the 30 most popular colors. When you consider that Roppe also offers unique products such as SafeTcork® Rubber Tile and Tread and a new subtle marbled look that combine to create over 200 colorways that work interchangeably to create beautiful spaces where we work, learn, shop, live or recover from illness – is there an easier system to select products from? All of this, plus our revolutionary Single Price Point pricing structure that allows you the choice to select colors based on your design not your budget!