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Laminate Underlayments
QuietCure™ UltraSeal Flooring Underlayment is a Professional Grade* highly engineered, cross-linked polyolefin foam QuietCure™ UltraSeal is ideal for most floor applications. Provides both through-the-floor and footfall noise reduction and Provides moisture protection (1.5 lbs,/1000 ft2/24 hours). More info: www.floormuffler.com
CDI stocks QuietCure in 100 sq.ft. rolls - 36" x 33' 4" (no cuts offered)
Basic Foam is 2 in 1 laminate foam. Polyethylene foam with film underlay as moisture barrier.

CDI stocks BasicFoam in 200 sq.ft. rolls - 38" x 63' (no cuts offered)
Whisper Step® is a synthetic rubber pad for use under LVT & other hard surfaces.

Dampens sound and room noise in today’s active households
Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and
odor-causing bacteria
Smoothes out minor floor irregularities
Installs quickly and easily
Excellent choice for use over in-floor heating
Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified