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Proudly serving Iowa and Nebraska since 1956 .
"Level Up" Carpet Shims & Universal Side Shims:
Designed to solve height differences between different floorings and replaces wood shingles. No more uneven ramping situations. See the future in transition solutions.

Color Fast Tile & Grout Caulk:
Color Fast Tile & Grout Caulk is easy to use and comes color matched and texture matched for that perfect look around tubs, showers, counter top backsplashes, thresholds and many other uses. It's 100% acrylic formula comes in unlimited colors and is available in sanded and non-sanded formulas. For indoor OR outdoor uses and moisture and mildew resistant. CDI Stocks in 10.3 oz. tubes

Amorim Cork:
We stock 4' wide by 100' long rolls of bulletin board cork & can cut any length requested. We can also special order Rubber Sports Flooring in square & interlocking tiles from Amorim.

InstaBind - DIY Carpet Binding:
Instabind is a revolutionary product that streamlines the normally tedious process of binding carpet edges. This unique invention requires minimal effort to apply a beautiful finished edge to any piece of carpet. Not only will Instabind beautify an unfinished edge, but it will prevent it from unraveling or fraying for the life of the carpet - guaranteed! CDI will special order this product for you. See also: www.instabind.com

Mats from Crown:
1. Solid Vinyl Runner: Sta-Kleen is stocked in 1/8" thickness in black and brown colors. Rolls are 2 ft., 3 ft., or 4 ft. wide and 105 ft. in length. Cuts are available. Sold by the square yard. More info: www.crown-mats.com

2. Anti-Fatigue Matting - Rib Surface: Tuff-Spun is stocked in 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" thickness in black and brown colors. Rolls are 3ft. or 4 ft. wide and 60 ft. in length. Cuts are available. Sold by the square yard. More info: www.crown-mats.com

Non-Slip Rug Pads:
Eco Grip & Movenot:
Both come in 6' and 12' wide rolls, custom cut to any length in 1 ft. increments. Both in stock at CDI.

Safeglides - Felt Floor Protectors:
Protect floors by virtually eliminating scratching. The wool felt glides provide an excellent buffer to keep furniture moving across the floor easily. Designed for contemporary and antique wood furniture as well as wicker and rattan. CDI stocks various sizes of Tap-Ins, Snapglides, Stemglides, and Self-Adhesive 
pads in the white color.

Stain Removers:
1. Super Stop: One-step spray cleaner specifically formulated to remove spots and stains instantly, without rubbing or scrubbing. Effective on both oil & water-based stains, regardless of age. Works on all synthetic carpets.
2. Perky Spotter: A complete spot removing system in 3 easy steps: apply -- agitate -- lift. Handy 6 oz. bottle has attached brush & spatula. Safely removes grease, blood, pet, and other stains from carpet & other fabrics.
3. Stain-X: For use on carpeting, rugs, fabrics, upholstery, curtains, drapes, car interiors, clothing, boats, clothing, nylon, cotton, acrylic, wool, vinyl, rayon, olefin, polyester, leather, etc. Odorless & Colorless. CDI stocks the 16 oz. spray and 8 oz. squeeze bottles
More info: www.stain-x.com

Miscellaneous Products