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Carpet and Pad
Stylesetter is experiencing increases from both our carpet suppliers and our pad supplier. We will have new price lists once new pricing is available.
Great News, our new outdoor carpet board is scheduled to arrive the first quarter of 2018. The current board has a number of dropped colors and styles, however CDI still maintains some inventory of these items. Check availability prior to scheduling installation.
Our supplier has announced our product Heirloom as a drop style.

Primo LVT and MarketPlace EVP
CDI will be introducing a new product, Eureka, to our Primo display. Samples are scheduled to arrive sometime in December. Eureka is an inexpensive floating LVP that combines all the quality aspects of other Primo series, all-virgin vinyl core (no recycled products), fiberglass embedded into the product for dimensional stability, a thick 4.2MM core that provides a strong locking mechanism.
The two new lines of MarketPlace have recently become available. A wider and longer plank look and a ceramic tile look are set to be sampled soon. Both join the original MarketPlace incorporating the Välinge 5G locking system, the easiest lock on the market. Updates for the MarketPlace display that include these two new products are on order and scheduled for December delivery.

IVC Sheet Vinyl
It is that time of year again that we need to discuss seam sealers and freezing temperatures. The Seam Sealers from IVC, Flex-Seal and Infuze are NOT freezable! Once these seam sealers freeze, they are no longer usable. CDI has increased our inventory to cover the needs of our customers for the next five months. The shelf life is 12 months. We highly suggest that Retailers consider doing the same thing, order in November for your potential needs this winter. CDI will inspect every container before it leaves our warehouse to ensure you are receiving a good container. We will not issue credit for seam sealers that are defective during the winter months.

Capital / Roberts Adhesives
A similar issue takes place with adhesives. Some adhesives are freeze-thaw stable, some have limited occurrences, and some are not freeze-thaw stable. Always check a pail for consistency throughout the pail.

Futura Metals
CDI has been expanding our availability of new finishes for most of 2018. Attached is a new pricelist with those new finishes listed per shape. In addition, Futura has taken a slight price increase on its metals as of November 1st.

SunTouch/WarmWire Floor Warming
Our supplier of SunTouch and WarmWire has announced a slight increase as of October 30th. Any new quotes will receive new pricing.
CDI has counter displays of SunTouch/WarmWire for your showrooms. Talk to your CDI Rep about how you can add hundreds of profit dollars to your sale and make your customers the happiest because they bought their flooring from you.

FP Bois Hardwood Floors
CDI just received the two new colors, Day and Night, for the display. In addition, we have a sale going on through the end of 2017. Please ask your rep for complete details.
November 2017 Newsletter
CDI wishes you a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.
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