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Proudly serving Iowa and Nebraska since 1956 .
CDI is proud to partner with the IVC Group to distribute the Flexitec brand of Luxury cushion sheet vinyl flooring to our Iowa and Nebraska Retail partners.
Go to www.ivcfloors.com for more details and a complete catalog. There you will also find care & maintenance instructions, installation guidelines, warranties, and more. Or you can contact your CDI Representative or CDI Order Desk for more information.
@ Work Collection: COMMERCIAL Series.
There are 3 distinct Residential collections:
Also Offered:

Level Plus 2: 12 Ft. wide. Cuts offered on select colors.
Level Par: 12 Ft. wide. Rolls only.
Level Ten: 12 Ft. wide. Cuts offered on select colors.

PLUS (Rolls Only):
Step Up: 13'2" wide
Canyon: 13'2" wide *Cuts Offered by CDI
Goliath: 13'2" wide
Stride: 13'2" wide
Step Gloss: 12 Ft. wide
V-500 Display:
V-250 Display:
Timeless Traditions Classic, Standard designs.
Uptown Flair Modern, Comtemporary designs.
Touch of Comfort Rustic, Vintage designs.
Within these collections are styles best described as Good - Better - Best qualities in the following series.
Essentials (3 Star) 44 colorations, 10 year warranty.
Premiere (4 Star) 48 colorations, 15 year warranty.
Ultimate (5 Star) 29 colorations. 20 year warranty.
Champion 13' 2" wide commercial flooring, 18 colors.
Planet 13' 2" wide light commercial flooring, 9 colors.
Astro 13' 2" wide light commercial flooring, 5 colors.