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Styleletter® Natural Stone
CDI is proud to offer our retail partners a beautiful line of natural stone products presented by Stylesetter® Ceramics. Below are pictures of our 5 sample boards showing off the variety of sizes and colorations available in the line. We have most of the popular items in stock and can get what we don't within 24 hours of ordering. Contact your CDI Rep for more details on this exciting product that has taken the industry by storm!
Natural Stone - Board #1

1. Bricado 3 x 6 Honed
2. Bricado Random Strip Honed
3. Bricado 12 x 12 Honed
4. Bricado Mini Versaille Pattern Honed
5. Bricado 2 x 2 Mosaic Tumbled

This color is also available in 3x6 Tumbled, 2x12 Chair Rail and 5/8x12 Pencil Rail (not shown here).
Natural Stone - Board #2

1. Durango Ogee Chair Rail, Filled 2x12
2. Brick/Tumbled Noce/Durango Border -
DROP 2015
3. Durango Pencil Rail Select Honed
4. Durango 12x12 Honed & Filled
5. Durango 6x6 Tumbled
6. Durango 4x4 Tumbled
7. Durango Staggered 2x4 Tumbled
8. Durango 1x1 Mosaic -
DROP 2015
9. DM Border - DROP 2015

This color is also available in 16x16 Honed Tiles and 3x6 Tumbled Tiles (not shown here).
Natural Stone - Board #3

1. Durango Maze Mosaic - DROP 2015
2. Rustic Pebble Noce/Durango Border - DROP 2015
3. Small Random Pattern Honed - DROP 2015
4. Durango 4x8 Honed - DROP 2015
5. Durango 4x4 Honed
6. Durango 2x2 Honed & Filled

Natural Stone - Board #5
1. Thunder Travertine Chair Rail 2x12
2. Pebble Peach/Noce/Durango Mix Border -
DROP 2015
3. Thunder Travertine Pencil Moulding 5/8" x 12"
4. Thunder 12x12 Honed
5. Thunder 2x2 Tumbled
6. Thunder 4x4 Tumbled

NOTE: Thunder includes a wide variety of color variation. For sampling purposes, the 12x12 tile has been cut down to (4) 6x6 pieces to demonstrate the possible color variances. Thunder is NOT available in a 6x6 size.
Natural Stone - Board #4

1. Egyptian Chair Rail Cafe Honed
2. Cafe 2x2 Honed & Filled
3. Cafe Pencil Rail Honed
4. Cafe 12x12 Honed & Filled
5. Small Random Pattern Honed & Filled
6. Cafe 4x8 Honed & Filled
7. Cafe 4x4 Honed & Filled
Natural Stone Care and Maintenance:
All Natural Stone must be sealed and maintained. Stylesetter® Ceramic recommends the use of Gundlach brand Sealers or Color Enhancers when sealing Natural Stone. A sealer should not alter the surface appearance in any way. Enhancers will deepen the Natural Stone colorations. For regular maintenance and cleaning, Stylesetter Ceramic recommends the use of Gundlach brand Stone and Grout cleansers. Be sure to use the correct cleanser so that the appearance of your Natural Stone is not affected in any way.
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